Improve Networking and understand
your business connections better!

Corporate eiKard

Using eiKard, your employee builds his business connections when meeting customers and other professionals. 

They leave notes, set the type of leads and their connections declare their interests in your products or services. You have full visibility of this contact network in a dashboard and can synchronise it with your CRM.


Reward your customers for their referrals!

Business eiKard

With eiKard, you inform customers and prospective customers about current offers, receive feedback, and profit from the recommendations of satisfied customers. 

Optimise your marketing campaign based on the statistics visible on a dashboard.


The easy and fastest way to
exchange all your personal information!

Personal eiKard

With eiKard exchanging information and staying up to date, suddenly becomes so easy. Share all your contact details, social media channels, videos and more with friends and family. Download the eiKard app on your smartphone and create your Personal eiKard for free now.